[Marxism] Operation Summary Execution- Philippine Isles?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 13 22:03:18 MDT 2004

This is so reminiscent of how Fujimori orchestrated prison 'breakouts' where 
the Shining Path people who were then slaughtered down like cattle.   It is 
also similar to how the US had yet another client group of theirs, 
asphixiate hundreds of the US captured POWs in Afghanistan for Bush.

Though the press is being extremely compliant about reporting this 
'breakout' in the Philippines, it has all the same smell to it.   Just how 
likely is the official line that the wife of one of these high profile 
prisoners snuck a gun into the prison for her husband?   After all, the US 
sent several thousand  troops into the country to coordinate military 
actions against those very same, evil 'Islamic terrorists'.

It brings back to mind the Old South days, when White racist sheriffs always 
supposedly had to kill some Black prisoner for trying to escape, and usually 
before trial.   Now, the US likes to use this method in the Third World to 
summarily execute POWs that they have captured.   Pretty sick stuff.   As 
sick as what's going down in Fallujah.

Tony Abdo
Rebels Flee Philippine Prison; Many Captured or Killed
Published: April 12, 2004

ANILA, April 12 — Fifty-three prison inmates in the southern Philippines, 
including members of the Islamic rebel group Abu Sayyaf, escaped over the 
weekend, but many have been captured or killed, officials said today.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered the military and the police today 
to intensify the manhunt operations on the island province of Basilan, about 
550 miles south of Manila, where the prison is located and Abu Sayyaf is 
based. "If the massive manhunt requires cordoning off the whole Basilan 
province to prevent the escapees from fleeing to other provinces, so be it," 
the president said in a statement.

The inmates escaped on Saturday using a smuggled gun to subdue the guards, 
officials said. Of the 53 who escaped, 23 were members of Abu Sayyaf, said 
Lieut. Col. Daniel Lucero, a military spokesman. He said 25 had been 
recaptured and 9 had been killed.

The jailbreak has embarrassed the Arroyo administration, which has made 
progress during the past few weeks in its campaign against Abu Sayyaf, which 
Washington and Manila have linked to Al Qaeda.

Last week the military killed Hamsiraji Sali, one of the key leaders of Abu 
Sayyaf wanted by the United States in connection with the kidnapping of four 
Americans several years ago.

Late last month, the authorities arrested six people they said were members 
of Abu Sayyaf and were involved in a "Madrid-level" plot to blow up shopping 
malls and railway systems in Manila.

The United States warned the Philippine government in a meeting on March 22 
that it was not doing enough in its fight against local terrorists. Ms. 
Arroyo ordered the recent crackdown immediately after that meeting, relying 
mainly on intelligence provided by the United States.

Since early 2002, the Americans and Philippines have been conducting 
military training exercises intended to help train the Philippine military 
in eliminating Abu Sayyaf. Washington sent hundreds of American troops to 
the southern Philippines for these exercises.

As a result of the training, the military operations on Basilan intensified, 
driving many Abu Sayyaf members off the island, although officials said a 
few hundred are still there. Many of Abu Sayyaf members who escaped from 
jail on Saturday had been captured during these American-supported 

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