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This evening's Channel 4 News (e-mail "Snowmail" message" includes:

Sharon offers peace plan:
Oh crumbs just forgotten biggest story of them all, Ariel Sharon trying to
hoodwink the international community that he is after all a man of peace and
is offering Bush a hugely imaginative peace plan. He's pulling out of Gaza.
But wants to carry on messing about fatally in the West Bank.

As I was saying, see you therefore at 7.00 as ever is.


Jon Snow

{Jon Snow is main presenter on Channel4 News)

and his message also includes (on Iraq)

Americans surround Najaf and dig in:
Eight more Americans dead in Iraq today and 2,500 American troops are
surrounding the holy city of Najaf, digging in. They are bent on going in
and killing or capturing the dissident young cleric Moqtada Sadr.

The UN bossman on the ground in Baghdad Mr Brahimi has been talking about
elections planned for January 05. The 30th June hand-over is no longer so
important.  He implies the real date is the election next year.  The UN
remains in bad odour in Iraq, partly for doing America's bidding during the
sanctions period against Iraq over the past decade.  But it now also backs
America's view that elections could not proceed the US hand-over to a US
handpicked Iraqi government on June 30th 2004.

And today, the as yet unconfirmed word that Mr Bush is to dispatch John
Negroponte, current UN ambassador to replace the present pro-consul L Paul
Bremmer. Negroponte is an erstwhile Kissinger boy.  One of the architects of
the great man's scheme to carpet bomb Cambodia back to the dark ages.

Mr Negroponte did further active service as US pro-consul in Tegucigalpa
Honduras. It was from the embassy there that he 'ran' the Contra war against
the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. A war ultimately ruled against by a
Congressional committee set up to find out how the Contra forces had been
funded by using US cash to buy arms from America's number one enemy, Iran,
to supply the Contra forces. Negroponte and Baghdad. From one who
interviewed and studied Mr Negropnte is er, an explosive mix.

Tonight we also have a remarkable film from Baghdad that paints a blunt and
immediate picture of the scale of the divide between Iraqis and their
American occupiers.

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