[Marxism] No right of return [the case of the invisible Zionists]

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This is the heart of what it is to be a Zionist-- to deny that other people
have the same equal rights as Jews in Israel. In so far as Zionism even
more than what Lou rightly pointed to in Africa was racial supremacy, it is
something that can no longer be tolerated by people in our movement, if we
are serious about being anti-racist

http://hdna.vwh.net/peacepossible/ Peace is Possible:  Israel, Palestine and 
I am every bit as serious about being anti-racist as McDonald Stainsby is, 
and far more serious about freedom of expression.  Look at the website below and 
decide for yourself whether or not left Zionism, socialist Zionism and labor 
Zionism exists.  McDonald Stainsby won't even look, because he is more 
interested in demonizing people he disagrees with than in having an open mind.  Last 
Sunday, I went to a Passover Seder sponsored by Hashomer Hatzair; one of the 
organizations on the website below (and above this paragraph).  I was honored 
to hear Yossi Beilin; one of the Israeli architects of the Geneva Accords, who 
attended and who thanked Hashomer Hatzair for its efforts in building a 
consensus for the Accords.  Yossi Beilin is doing far more in support of Palestinian 
rights than Stainsby is; and he is unstinting in his criticism of repressive 
Israeli government policies without descending to Stainsby's level of dogmatic 
stridency.  Look at the website and decide for yourself.  Here are some of 
the questions we asked at the seder, in addition to the traditional four 

"Why does a solution to the Middle East conflict seem so distant?"
"What can we do to help Israeli progress toward peace?"
"What should be our voice from America?"
 "What can give us renewed hope in a future of peace?"  - p. 9, Hashomer 
Hatzair Haggadah shel Pesach

In addition to reciting the traditional Ten Plagues, we also said: (ibid., p. 

"These modern ills sober our lives and diminish our joy, as the Ten Plagues 
did for our forebears:  Aids, Poverty, Drugs, Racism, Hunger, Terrorism, 
Illiteracy, Violence, Pollution,

These are the problems that left Zionists grapple with when they celebrate 
Passover, the Jewish Festival of Freedom.  Macdonald Stainsby can deny it all he 
wants to, but ironically he is acceding to Sharon and Netanyahu's vision of 
Zionism when he acts as if only right-wing versions of Zionism exist.  

And sorry, I trust Yossi Beilin on this issue far more than I trust Macdonal 
Stainsby.  Yossi Beilin has negotiated directly with Palestinians.  What has 
Stainsby accomplished that is anywhere near comparable, other than making his 
sour grapes utterly apparent.



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