[Marxism] Revolt fizzling?

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Hi Muhammad -- What your info say?  I heard on the tube news last night that
the Resistance was spreading a leaflet in Baghdad neighborhoods warning
residents to stay off the streets for the next week and a half because
Falluja was coming to Baghdad.


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> Today’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that Moqtada al-Sadr has indicated
> willingness to surrender and disband the Mahdi Army, which would likely
> the 10-day old Shia rising.
> According to the Telegraph, Sadr is said to be “buckling under the twin
> pressures of a massive build-up of American forces near his base and
> for moderation from the country's ayatollahs.”
> Sadr and his militia control Najaf, but his emissaries have reportedly
> US authorities and the Iraqi Governing Council (ICG) that, if his personal
> safety is guaranteed, he would agree to submit to trial in an Iraqi court
> charges of having last year ordered the assassination of a rival cleric.
> Unless the leak is calculated disinformation, Sadr’s sudden capitulation
> surprising, because he had vowed a fight to the death, his mass support
> growing, and it was widely felt the Americans would not assault Najaf, a
> Shia holy site.
> But the Telegraph says Sadr has been subject to intense pressure from the
> senior Shia clergy and the Iranian government, which favours the SCIRI, a
> rival Shia faction.
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