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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Thu Apr 15 11:53:01 MDT 2004

referring to the article here, 
Baruch Gottesman wrote:

>Having read your recent article condemning those who identify with the victims of antisemitism I had a few comments.
I am going to respond to this line, because the rest of your mail rests 
on this false premise. I do identify and ask others to identify with the 
victims of anti-Semitism, but not because Jew hatred is worse than other 
racisms. This is the key point: the Canadian ruling class thinks it is 
alright for people to be more concerned about isolated though disgusting 
acts of racism because the targets are Jews, rather than concern 
themselves with reacting to it as they do to any form of racism: with 
vigilance and critical analysis of where all of the forms of racism are 
coming from.

In the case of Arabs, the same people who are whipping up a larger than 
life response to the racist assaults on an elementary school do not find 
cause for outrage that Palestinians are having their very identity 
denied by the Canadian immigration board. As people who hope to really 
understand the lessons of the Holocaust, we must see that state power to 
persecute and harass people for an ethnic identity is the most dangerous 
of all.

What are Canadian officials doing to prevent the forced expulsions of 
Palestinians? They are either silent or participatory. They are doing 
the Golda Meir trick: These are not Palestinians, we are told-- they are 

>First: in terms of treatment of foreigners by white Europeans, I think you are way off.  Consider, for example, how the non-white non-Christian types reacted in Fallujah to the encroachment of foreigners. 
Considering that the country of Iraq has had 1.5 million people killed 
over the last 12 years, that the cities of Iraq were put under the most 
barbaric bombing campaigns twice, and are now occupied by people who 
bomb Mosques, establish no walk zones, shoot people who walk around and 
are running articles here in North America that say "If we had just shot 
a lot of the people who were looting when we took over, this crap 
wouldn't be happening" [National Post].

When occupiers (and their apologists) dive into this kind of stark 
racism, then I can safely feel that it is because that is the only 
possible route left to them politically (and it is also frighteningly 
the most dangerous). In comparison to all that, killing a few people who 
were working for the illegal invasion and theft of the natural resources 
of the Iraqi people, well, it doesn't cause me to pause or shudder at 
anything other than the racist double standards and hypocrisy of concern 
for white dead, but not for tens of tens of thousands of Arabs.

> Compare that to the behavior of Capitalist white Christians in America following the "dissent" by 19 Arab-Americans on September 11, 2001.  Americans did not rampage through the streets killing Arabians - the "other", Muslims in Faluja did.  Americans did not send their children to ghoulishly exult in the mutilation of enemy - the "other" - bodies, Muslims in Faluja did.  Americans driven by their morally superior belief 
Racist comments sometimes don't even feel racist, do they?

It is abundantly clear that you regurgitate what you are told on the 
situation, and unfortunately for you perhaps, I don't have the energy 
nor time to waste trying to clear up how the word works: the economic 
structures underpinning and motivating the imperialist attacks on all in 
the Middle East, the scapegoating, the odd concern for four white people 
who are illegally in another country, where tens of thousands have been 

You also state:

>in the dignity of humanity worked hard to stamp down any expression of anti-islamic dissent.  The American Government (equivalent to the PA in the West Bank) did not allow activists to hunt down and kill Muslim children because they disagreed with their policy.  If someone, such as yourself, wants to talk about treatment of others the place to start is to ask
> French Muslims in the "cites" to stop raping those who they disagree with. 
Which if you said it of Jewish people in our soceity would be rightly 
and justly called anti-Semitism. However, racism against Islam and Arabs 
in general is so pervasive, that  you are almost mainstream. You should 
pause to realise that without your inclusion of the superiority of 
Jewish people and whites  in your rant, you wouldn't really have much of 
an argument. Because then you would be left with the real issues:

Israel is an illegal settler state, and when you type:

> Ask Muslims in Gaza to celebrate the culture of their Jewish minority the way America has its largely disloyal Islamic population.  Ask Iraqi Muslims to show basic humanity instead of acting like animals toward foreigners.  
>I am confident that if efforts was made by Islamic, Nazi and leftists* types to become tolerant and human many of the things you complain about would disappear.  (of course I realize nazism is a leftist philosophy. I distinguish between the far left/nazi beliefs of those like Chomsky and Mohammed and the near left/ wicked beliefs of those like France and the NDP)
>Specifically, maybe Jews living in Gaza wouldn't hate Arabians so much if Muslims there showed any kind of respect for human life. 
>Perhaps Americans wouldn't feel a need to come in and crush Islamic "culture" if contemporary arab culture wasn't so bloodthirsty.  
You mention so many racist structural things thart in your mind "just 
are" (such as "Jews living in Gaza") that I won't bother with you. But 
thankyou for showing yet again, that there is no historical structural 
argument on behalf of Zionism and imperialism that doesn't rest on a 
pillar of the most racist, white man's burden assumptions that would 
make any righteous understanding of the causes of ignoring this racism 
want to shudder in fear of the ideology that you parrot, created and 
honed by the Christian Zionists who are currently terrorizing the people 
of the Middle East and deliberately provoking and building anti-Semitism 
for the strength of their propoganda, damn what happens to the Jews.

And since this is the reasons and context in which the Montreal 
anti-Semitic attacks happened, I will and continue to express my disgust 
with the hypocrisy of the supposed concern of the Zionists here and the 
political officialdom that speaks about it. I also will lay the blame on 
Zionists and imperialism, and lay the solution at the feet of an across 
board anti-racist movement, that includes as the number one enemies 
structural racism and imperialism itself.

>Perhaps if Canadian Muslims didn't try to impose on their neighbours the barbaric Shari'a and they repudiated the Khader types, and worked to exterminate those that believe in the violent interpretations of the Q'ran, people would feel more sympathy for their deaths. 
>In short, until Islam humanizes, you can expect hatred toward Muslims to grow.  There can be no effort to tackling "islamaphobia" until we tackle and exterminate Islamic policy - its root cause.   Until we exterminate anti-human beliefs from the heart of every imam, every muslim mother sending her son to die for allah in Mecca, Gaza and Ottawa, no change will happen.
Watch that mouth, my friend, racist crap tends to get people slapped for 
good reason. Don't puke on your shoes, forcing you to get your third 
world slaves to make you another pair.

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope

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