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  ueber  [Marxism] Sadr Capitulates

MJA> Muqtada Agrees to Dissolve Militia, May go into temporary exile in
MJA> Iran

  I heard it differently, namely that Moqtada as-Sadr agrees to  
convert the Al Mahdi Army into a regular political movement, and that  
he would be ready to answer to the accusations against him before a  
court under a really sovereign Iraqi government.

  I understood it rather as the proper move to a higher level now that  
there has been a wide popular armed movement, so that it would not  
necessary be a good idea to have the armed milita of a single  

  I don't see it as a capitulation, but as a step forward.

  But I would like to use the occasion to voice my opinion that the  
Iraqi people will still take some time to forge a leadership accepted  
by all, or at least by an overwhealming majority.

  And that I hope that a vigorous working class movement will put its  
mark on this process.

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