[Marxism] The Militant:

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 16 11:47:21 MDT 2004

I'll leave the political points to others, but I just want to take note of 
this paragraph:

>Similarly, the tactic of taking foreigners hostage to press the  occupiers 
>to withdraw their troops has backfired on the groups that  have carried out 
>those actions. To date, the Japanese and other  imperialist governments 
>involved have firmed up their resolve to stay  in Iraq alongside the U.S. 

This is complete nonsense. Merely because the Japanese (and British and 
Italian and other) governments SAY that they have "firmed up their resolve 
to stay" doesn't mean they HAVE firmed up their resolve; the reality is 
likely quite different. And even the verbal resolve not to pull their troops 
out of Iraq doesn't extend to all the members of the "coalition"; the Thai 
government has ordered its troops not to leave their base, and the Polish 
Prime Minister says they are making plans to decrease the number of their 
troops (see 
for links).

And regardless of what the governments have said or done about their troops, 
the REALITY is that independent contractors of various nationalities are 
currently streaming out of Iraq, fearing for their lives. This certainly 
suggests that the "tactic of taking foreigners hostage" has not "backfired." 
The fewer foreign "civilians" there are in Iraq doing various jobs, the 
harder the jobs of the "coalition" troops becomes. Once they have to start 
driving their own convoys, or cooking their own food, there will be that 
many fewer of them available to shoot at Iraqis.

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