[Marxism] The Militant's editorial on Iraq

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Apr 16 21:31:36 MDT 2004

""Seriously, I recently spoke to an engineer from my hometown of Vernon, 
B.C. who just returned from Iraq where he was using his education to 
inspect oil piplines for his employer, KBR of Halliburton fame, this 
work being done under the banner of Iraqi Operation Freedom.  He told me 
over the phone that what's really going on in (at least the south of) 
Iraq was "class warfare" (his words). He seemed to suggest that it was 
young educated Iraqis  WITH NO FUTURE who are the backbone of the 
insurgency. That may not be totally correct but for The Militant to 
describe  the revolt as "bourgeois nationalist" seems to miss something 
of the truth on the ground."

Well there's an understatement if I ever saw one. Bourgeois nationalist? 
What the hell does that even mean? What planet are these fools living 
on? Is the 'Militant' crew going to haul its own ass off to Iraq and see 
itself blown to bits by American armor? What's that, no? Must be the 
staunch bravery of their ever-so 'proletarian' values at work.

Frankly I fail to understand the value of poring over what the Militant 
says, what Jack Barnes writes, how many times he wipes his ass a day, 
etc. This is really an almost narcissistic exercise. There are brighter 
developments and more urgent potentialities to explore than staring down 
a sewer drain filled with the shit-stew of the far left.

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