[Marxism] The Militant's editorial on Iraq

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 17 06:36:53 MDT 2004

>Frankly I fail to understand the value of poring over what the Militant 
>says, what Jack Barnes writes, how many times he wipes his ass a day, etc. 
>This is really an almost narcissistic exercise. There are brighter 
>developments and more urgent potentialities to explore than staring down a 
>sewer drain filled with the shit-stew of the far left.

Junaid's point is well-taken. It is not as if we are dealing with a group 
that is actually *misleading* the left like the CP, which actually has a 
presence in the antiwar movement pushing it to the right. It is a very 
small group that is easily ignored. If the Militant weere not online, I 
doubt if there would be much attention paid to them at all. I think we are 
dealing with a form of group therapy for comrades who were traumatized by 
experiences in a particularly unpleasant sect. We really need to think more 
about what *we* should be doing rather than focus on the proclamations of a 
pretty irrelevant outfit.

Louis Proyect
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