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Check out Socialism and Democracy 29 (Volume 15, No. 1) Spring-Summer 2001, 
which at: http://www.sdonline.org/backissues.htm. Unfortunately, only the 
introductions to the articles are available online, but you can get the 
full text by emailing the journal at: 
<mailto:info at sdonline.org>info<mailto:info at sdonline.org>@sdonline.org.


Section I: Economy and Society


Pedro Monreal, Cuba: The Challenges of Being Global and Socialist...at the 
Same Time

Mayra Paula Espina Priet, The Effects of the Reform on Cuba's Social 
Structure: An Overview

Marta Nunez Sarmineto, Cuban Strategies for Women's Employment in the 
1990s: A Case Study of Professional Women

Alejandro de la Fuente, Recreating Racism: Race and Discrimination in 
Cuba's "Special Period"

Section II: Government


Juan valdes Paz, The Cuban Political System in the 1990s: Continuity and Change

Jesus Pastor Garcia Brigos, People's Power in the Organization of the Cuban 
Socialist State

Section III: The Agrarian Sector


Hans-Jurgen Burchardt, Cuba's Agriculture after the New Reforms: Between 
Sagnation and Sustainable Development

Niurka Perez Rojas and Dayma Echevarria Leon, The Relationship Between 
Participation and Managerial Autonomy in Cuba's Basic Units of Cooperative 
Production: Six Case Studies

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