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Left Hook

Last Release: Saturday, April 17, 2004

We Are the Barbarians: Consequences of Colonialism in Iraq

| M. Junaid Alam |

Jaw agape and fangs unsheathed, American colonialism has lashed out with 
severe brutality against the newly-unified Iraqi resistance, counting on 
its military might to crush the aspirations of Iraqis who seek to 
liberate their country from foreign control. Relying so heavily on the 
force of arms against a people it claims to liberate, the US has 
inverted Clausewitz's famous dictum "politics is a continuation of war 
by other means"; our policy now is war as a continuation of politics by 
other means.

But it so happens that this is a double-edged sword - with both edges 
thrust firmly into the heart of the occupation.

- http://lefthook.org/Politics/Alam041704.html (Read full)

Bay Areas Grocery Workers Fight for the Future of American Healthcare

| Javier Armas |

"UF-C-Double U! Safeway, we're coming through!" chanted hundreds of UFCW 
members and officials at a meeting held on March 14 at the ILWU Local 10 
Hall in San Francisco. This meeting was the first step taken by the Bay 
Area UFCW locals to prepare for the coming expiration of their contracts 
that could lead to a strike this fall. Watching the Southern California 
strike and the lockout unfold last October, nine locals formed the Bay 
Area Coalition--the organization that engineered the March event. This 
UFCW meeting was attended by 400 to 1200 (depending on the observer).

The Coalition represents nearly 50,000 workers at Safeway, Albertsons, 
Ralphs, Cala, Raley's, Andronicos, and several other independent Bay 
Area stores. Eight of these locals (101, 120, 1179, 373R, 428, 648, 839 
and 870) share a master contract that expires September 11, 2004. The 
ILWU drill team entered the meeting in marching formation unleashing a 
fresh energy that resonated with the hundreds of clerks and grocery 
workers present.

- http://lefthook.org/Ground/Armas041704.html (Read full)

The Impact of Cars on Society

| Yves Engler |

A couple months back I came across a phenomenal statistic; there are 
1.02 cars in the U.S. for every person of driving age. (1) The New York 
Times confirmed this in an article that said there are 230 million cars 
and trucks in the U.S. and only 193 million licensed drivers. (2)

Surely it's more cost effective to call a cab when a breakdown occurs 
rather than having a backup vehicle? Or have the robots learned to drive?

But in all seriousness, car prevalence has, to put it mildly, many 
drawbacks. It also contributes significantly to shaping a country and 
says something about a society.

- http://www.lefthook.org/Culture/Engler041704.html (Read full)

Eight Hours: A Poem

| Ian Werkheiser |

Hold, release
Hold, release
Things that seemed without effort
A vice tightening with each repetition
Hold, release
Hold, release
There are only twenty incubators, they said
Sanctions and bombing had reduced us to only this, they said
Hold, release
Hold, release
You held your nephew in your arms, struggling to breathe on his own
Trying so hard.
They told you one would be available. A promise.
Hold, release

- http://www.lefthook.org/Culture/Werkheiser041704.html (Read full)

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