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>Who really wants Gays and Lesbians to organize and get empowerment and take 
away from hetero privileges - and make non-Gays and Gays and Lesbians really 
equal?  Interesting isn't it, that supposed revolutionaries, who want hetero 
privilege, seem to think and act in common when it comes to such things, just 
like George W. Bush and other religious fundamentalists? 

Gays and Lesbians and non-Gays, who speak out against Robert Mugabe of 
Zimbabwe, Fidel Castro of Cuba and the shameless tailism and courting of "militant 
Islam" - rather than remain silent - become part of the solution and not remain 
part of the problem.  What is wrong  comrades - is not separating between 
needing to win people over in motion to support Gay & Lesbian liberation - but 
for refusing - not to raise this "for offending bigoted thinking".  [The "People 
may think I am Gay - if I speak up on this" syndrome]

Uppity Women and Gays will have to wait in their place - as the "more 
important people" [read those who prefer exclusive non-Gay male rule/leadership] - 
decide the character, composition and membership and leadership of the 


I found this article - personal commentary, to be distrubing in its politics 
and sense of history. Fidel is lumped together with Mugabe, which is part of a 
political alignment, intersecting with the reactionary fundamentalists and 
guardians of bourgeois property on the basis of ones attitude towards 
homosexuality and homosexual rights, however one defines that. 

Revolutionaries - Marxists, unwilling to criticize the government of Cuba on 
the basis of its policy towards homosexuals, apparently enter alignment with 
our imperialist bourgeoisie as represented by George Bush. Perhaps, what was 
meant was "Ideological alignment" and not economic and political alignment with 
bourgeois property. The real political antagonism in American society is not 
between heterosexuals and homosexuals as such, or revolving on the basis of 
heterosexuals wanting to preserve their "privilege position" as it exists in 
relationship to homosexuals. 

I did not evolve from the political tradition of Trotskyism, which views 
everything on earth from the standpoint of Stalin and Stalinism. Nevertheless, if 
I were writing an article about the leadership of various political grouping I 
would most certainly not describe say the SWP from the standpoint of 
ideological politics, but first and foremost as these groups arose based on the 
history and formation of our working class, what sectors of the working class was in 
motion at any given period of our history and how these groups responded to 
the real social movement and its ideological forms. This includes attitudes 
towards sex, which first and foremost means women. 

At one point in the history of the American Union, Marxism was primarily the 
domain of the European immigrant workers, and this has everything to do with 
the formation of our working class. During another period of our history the 
Slavic workers played a fundamental role in the fight for industrial unionism. 
During another people of our history the assertion of the African American 
people played a fundamental role and further altered the political landscape that 
political groups respond to. 

The Woman factor or question is the preeminent gender question in American 
society and on earth. It is the fundamental social gage of any society for 
specific reasons. For many reasons revolutionaries in the American Union and on 
earth have not attached the apparent importance this personal commentary attaches 
to homosexuality. Rather, many revolutionaries attach importance to the 
various sectors of the working class in combat with the state, and as this. 

No one is required to attach the same importance to homosexuality as that of 
- say, the issue of 3 billion people on earth facing starvation and ruin at 
the hands of bourgeois property. 

To align Fidel with Mugabe on the basis of ones attitude towards 
homosexuality and gay groups in Cuba, seems to be extremely shortsighted. I would at least 
attempt to explain the questions posed historically and then the various 
ideological categories on the basis of reasonable clear class and property 

Melvin P.

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