[Marxism] The US SWP and homosexuality

Len Walsingham lha.walsingham at btopenworld.com
Sun Apr 18 10:30:09 MDT 2004

Surely the 'lesson' is to junk the whole 'Marxist-Leninist'
organisational/political model with its military terminology and
structure: leaders and led; paper writers and paper sellers; leaders who
are only removed by their own mortality; so-called 'party unity' and
'discipline'; high-flown 'theories' that explain nothing etc. etc. and
get back to authentic Marxism.

I think this will eventually happen but it is taking far longer than I
thought. The sheer ferocity and ingrained nature of 'Marxism-Leninism'
seem to be carrying it on regardless.


Philip Ferguson wrote:

> Those of us in the ranks simply were not educated with the 
> political tools or confidence to think thinks through and 
> join up the dots.  It was another ten years before I saw 
> through the US SWP and got out of their faction in the FI and 
> out of the FI altogether.
> One of the lessons I drew from this, and from watching people 
> I know who haven't gotten out of crap organisations, is that 
> it's never a good idea for anyone to go along with things 
> they don't agree with or have substantial doubts about.  
> The people who have remained in those kinds of organisations 
> have been largely destroyed as functioning human beings, 
> never mind revolutionaries.  
> Loyalty to organisations *above* principles is never a good 
> idea.  The only purpose of having an organisation is to fight 
> for principled, revolutionary politics and if people are 
> forced to go against their most basic principles in order to 
> stay in an organisation, then they shouldn't be in it.  They 
> should get out and get the hell away from it.
> A much more open and critical (including self-critical) 
> political culture is needed on the far left.  

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