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Sun Apr 18 11:52:45 MDT 2004

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From: "Yoshie Furuhashi" <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu>
> I've
> always admired the visual polish of ANSWER mobilization flyers and
> signs.  (In contrast, ANSWER leaflets and the WW newspaper don't look
> particularly pretty -- why???)

As a sociologist, I can make up an explanation for any phenomenon, real or
imagined :-)  But first you have to tell me what you think a pretty Marxist
newspaper would look like.  Does anybody have one?  I think we're prettier
than "Workers' Vanguard" anyway.  Don't we all sort of have a similar visual
feel except for "Revolutionary Worker"?  Are they the pretty ones?  The
RCP-US has always been heavy into style and graphic images....

How are you distinguishing between "ANSWER mobilization flyers" and "ANSWER
leaflets"?   A lot of stuff is locally produced, you know.  How about the
stuff at www.chicago-answer.org ?

BTW I think discussing what a visually appealing antiwar leaflet or
newspaper would look like is more productive than a lot of the stuff we have
had here this week.

Lou Paulsen

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