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Sun Apr 18 18:05:54 MDT 2004

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Interestingly, Marx wrote on Communist (ie: Marxist) strategy for dealing with the "D"emocrats in his address to the Communist League circa 1852:
"At the moment, while the democratic petty bourgeois are everywhere oppressed, they preach to the proletariat general unity and reconciliation; they extend the hand of friendship, and seek to found a great opposition party which will embrace all shades of democratic opinion; that is, they seek to ensnare the workers in a party organization in which general social-democratic phrases prevail while their particular interests are kept hidden behind, and in which, for the sake of preserving the peace, the specific demands of the proletariat may not be presented. Such a unity would be to their advantage alone and to the complete disadvantage of the proletariat. The proletariat would lose all its hard-won independent position and be reduced once more to a mere appendage of official bourgeois democracy." 
"This unity must therefore be resisted in the most decisive manner. Instead of lowering themselves to the level of an applauding chorus, the workers, and above all the League, must work for the creation of an independent organization of the workers' party, both secret and open, and alongside the official democrats, and the League must aim to make every one of its communes a center and nucleus of workers' associations in which the position and interests of the proletariat can be discussed free from bourgeois influence."
Keery or Bush makes no difference.  In fact, Kerry is far more dangerous Marxist organizing by his and the Democrats deluding the public into beleiving they offer the working class a better "deal".  The only deal they offer is the usurpation of time, effort and money from the masses of struggling activists that would be far more fruitfully used in developing political independence from the ruling class.
-Douglas MacDonald
Community-Labor Alliance

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