[Marxism] Re: "Junking Marxism-Leninism"

RWRAINEY5 at aol.com RWRAINEY5 at aol.com
Sun Apr 18 19:51:11 MDT 2004

Well, my grandparents were in the CP back in the 50s, and knew a lot of 
dedicated people.   The trouble was/is; there is no clear program under which the 
Left can unite.    What is it they want?   Communism?   Socialism?   A mixed 
economy?   Pacifism?    The Left stands in all positions at once.   There is no 
clear identity, and, aside from the college campus or public union hall, there 
is no clear Left presence at all.   This in a nation of --what?-- 280 million 
people.   It takes an extraordinary incompetence to reach that level of 
indifferent anonymity.

I have worked on a number of Communist campaigns in Massachusetts and here in 
CT.   Good people, but everything suffers from this sense of drift (among 
other things).


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