[Marxism] Fwd: Books on the Spanish Civil War

Andy Coates esquincle at capital.net
Sun Apr 18 19:53:41 MDT 2004

I asked John Cox, onetime Marxmail subscriber, for his suggestions.
He has written an excellent historiography on the Spanish Civil War.
I'd add that I read the Beevor book last year and would recommend it 
Andy Coates

 From John Cox:
Thanks for the forward, Andy; here are a few books:

The best general histories, in my opinion, are "The Revolution and 
Civil War in Spain" (Broue and Temime, 1972--the authors were 
influenced by Trotskyism) and "The Spanish Civil War" by Antony Beevor 
(1982), a more mainstream historian who has written popular books on 
Stalingrad and the fall of Berlin; it was just re-released in 
paperback. The book by the two French guys is very hard to find, but is 
in most decent university libraries. I've heard that Helen Graham, "The 
Spanish Republic at War" (2002) is good, but I haven't read it.

Other good general histories: "The Spanish Civil War: Revolution & 
Counter-Revolution" (Burnett Bolloten, 1991); Hugh Thomas, "The Spanish 
Civil War" (1994), Stanley Payne, "The Spanish Revolution" (1970), and 
Gabriel Jackson, "The Spanish Republic and the Civil War 1931-1939" 
(1965). I would recommend each of these with reservations, but they 
each have their virtues and they are important in the historiography. 
Noam Chomsky's excellent essay, "Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship" 
(in "American Power and the New Mandarins," 1967, recently 
re-published) exposes some of the problems in Jackson's approach in 
particular, and Chomsky's essay is a great introduction to some of the 
key issues in the revolution and civil war.

Paul Preston has written and edited some good books, and Ronald 
Fraser's "Blood of Spain" is a wonderful oral history. "Homage to 
Catalonia" is obviously still must-reading for an account of life in 
the revolutionary months of 1936-37, and for insight into the Stalinist 
betrayal (that's one reason why Alexander Cockburn, whose father played 
a disgraceful role, still gets so worked up about Orwell!). And watch 
Ken Loach's brilliant "Land and Freedom" after reading Orwell.

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