[Marxism] Re: Getting Out Every Vote

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 18 20:15:10 MDT 2004


You cite Marx:

"At the moment, while the democratic petty bourgeois are everywhere 
oppressed, [...]"

Let us be clear: The Democratic Party is not the party of the petty 
bourgeoisie.  As an electoral machine, it is a grand bourgeois party.  It is 
one of the parties of big BIG money in the U.S.  We should know what we're 
dealing with.  That said, in general, from the quotation of Marx you 
reproduced, we cannot draw a conclusion directly applicable to our situation 
here and now.

I totally agree with the idea that we need to "develop political 
independence from the ruling class."  The issue is how, given the current 
conditions.  Political independence is not mere mechanical separation from 
an organization.  Just because you are outside the DP doesn't mean you're 
politically independent from the bourgeoisie.  And just because you are in 
the DP doesn't mean that you're a political puppet.  It all depends on what 
you do in or out there.  We should not confuse means with ends.  Political 
independence is the ability to advance the interests of the working class in 
concrete historical conditions -- sometimes gradually, sometimes by leaps 
and bounds.

A politically-independent organization of the workers doesn't pop up all of 
a sudden.  It entails a long process of engagement with the surrounding 
social and political reality.  I've had a long debate on this list on this 
very issue, and I shouldn't repeat myself.  I contend that, in the 
conditions of the U.S., that process requires -- inter alia -- to 
participate in the elections and to fight the class struggle also within the 
Democratic Party.  You may search for the debate on the archives.  If there 
are new arguments and I am able to timewise, I'll be glad to participate in 
the discussion.

>Keery or Bush makes no difference.

Whether you or I believe it makes no difference is not material.  A lot of 
regular people in the U.S. clearly believe it does make a difference.  I'd 
dare to say that *most* politically active working people in the U.S. 
believe so.  Most people who took part in the movement against the invasion 
and occupation of Iraq (the largest progressive mass movement in the last 
decade) obviously believe so.



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