[Marxism] Books on the War in Spain

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 18 20:41:55 MDT 2004

Veterans of the Spanish Civil War, among others, prefer to refer to that
conflict as "The War in Spain" because as soon as Hitler and Mussolini
joined in it was no longer simply a "civil" war.  Nevertheless, that is
how that "first battle of the Second World War" has come to be known in
history textbooks and generally in the popular memory. 

So, "The Spanish Civil War" (1994) by Hugh Thomas, is considered by many
to have become the standard military history of that war.

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) has an ample site worth a

In association with ALBA, Cody's Books of Berkeley, CA. provides a list
ALBA Books:

As well as videos/DVDs, audio CD's, & posters:

And other books about The War in Spain:

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