[Marxism] Books on the War in Spain

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Sun Apr 18 21:22:29 MDT 2004

The list provided by John Cox is excellent. I've been through each and every 
one. There is, however, one big caveat we all ought to be aware of regardling 
Hugh Thomas's "The Spanish Civil War". Few today in the scholarly world 
studying the Spanish Revolution view this book as particularly useful except in 
regards to the military end of it. There are big factual errors in the Thamos 
work and it's these errors that motivated another on this book list to write 
his book and that's Burnett Boletin. Boletin work is titled "The Spanish Civil 
War: Revolution & Counter-Revolution". However, the original 1960's version was 
entitled "The Grand Camouflage". The "...Camouflage" being what Boletin though 
of as Thomas' manipulation of the facts concerning the left in the Revolution.

The only thing, IMO, that Thomas offers that is hard to get in any detailed way 
is the military struggle as it developed from 1938 to the end of the war in 
1939. But the only reason it really ends up on anyone SCW reading list is 
because it was almost the only book on the subject when it was published around 
1964. With all the other works since this time, many of them listed on the Coz 
list, I would most definetly NOT recommend it.

David Walters

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