[Marxism] Help with Iraq URLS

Shane s.hopkinson at cqu.edu.au
Sun Apr 18 22:29:33 MDT 2004

Hi All

I am presently preparing a lecture and have been searching for some
multimedia material to use that has come into my email but now I can
find them. I have searched the archives of the list to no avail and
after several hours of fruitless google guesses I thought I'd ask.

I have in mind two on-line pieces:

1. Was put out on the capture of Saddam Hussein which traced his
history with the USA and ended with something like - "he was always
ours" .

2. The other was a (British?) satirical piece at the start of the War
which again outline the history of Iraq based on a briefing by teh
ambassador to his new colleague.

If anyone knows where I can get the URLs I'd appreciate it very much
(as will my students)



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