[Marxism] Books on the Spanish Civil War

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Apr 19 00:44:07 MDT 2004

Andy Coates wrote:

> The best general histories, in my opinion, are "The Revolution and Civil 
> War in Spain" (Broue and Temime, 1972--the authors were influenced by 
> Trotskyism)

> Just a minor point really. Pierre Broue isn't simply influenced by 
> Trotskyism, he is probably THE premiere Trotskyist historian in the 
> French language. He is (was? Can you help me there, David W?) a 
> supporter of the the Lambertiste group and is founding editor of 
> "Cahiers Leon Trotsky".

Einde O'Callaghan

Broue left/split/expelled from the CCI, the "Lambertists" in 1988 or so. He 
still edits the Cahier. He is probably the foremost Trotskyist Historian alive 
today, an honor he probably shares with his former comrade, Jean Jaque-marie, 
who is known as France's foremost Soviet History scholar.

Recently Broure, with out an organization for a decade and a half, has been 
slowly 'recruited' into the Committee for a Marxist International, the tendency 
associated with Ted Grant and Alan Woods in the UK. He is, along with the CMI, 
helping to retranslate many of Leon Trotsky's more well known works.


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