[Marxism] Fwd: "Books on the Spanish Civil War"

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 19 02:25:24 MDT 2004

Just to recap, Javier requested specific information, to wit:

> I wanted to know what you recommend on the Spanish Civil
> war minus Trotsky and Marrow's books. Im looking for a more 
> concise general history that is somewhat free from hardline
> political subjectivity.

Andy Coates replied with recommendations from John Cox:

> The best general histories, in my opinion, are "The Revolution
> and Civil War in Spain" (Broue and Temime, 1972--the authors
> were influenced by Trotskyism)...

David Walters, a leading light of the Marxist Internet Archive which
prominently features Leon Trotsky and his works, and who has written off
whole sections of the Communist movement as categorically Stalinist and
therefore essentially not Marxist, offered, "The list provided by John
Cox is excellent."
Einde O'Callaghan rejoined:

> Pierre Broue isn't simply influenced by Trotskyism,
> he is probably THE premiere Trotskyist historian in the 
> French language.

Because familiar parties have veered close to flames in heated debate
over the War in Spain, I am left wondering as to Louis's purpose in the
introduction of such a thread in our midst at this time --if not to test
our mettle.  It is for this reason that I proffer an anti-dote to
Trotskyist and Post-Trotskyist (a strong flavour in our mix) historical
opinion on the War in Spain from a clearly, we might say, Stalinophyllic
Lessons of Peoples War in Spain 1936-1939
Progressive Labor, Vol. 9, No. 5 (Oct.-Nov. 1974), 106-116.

That out of the way, and, I'll hazard, hopefully in our wake, allow me
to remind readers of a post to our list by John O'Neill on Tuesday, 11
Feb 2003: "Book review-The Spanish Republic at War" wherein Helen
Graham's book--mentioned in our current thread as un-read--was reviewed
by Paddy Woodworth, Irish journalist and author of "Dirty War, Clean
Hands: ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy".  The review is worth a
glance if only for its antihagiographic remarks about Orwell and Loach.

Here's the website for the blurb from Graham's publisher:

The website of The International Brigade Memorial Trust:
purposefully recommends Paul Preston's "A Concise History of the Spanish
Civil War" (London: Fontana, 1996) thusly:
There is a huge literature in English on the Spanish Civil War.
For a[n] excellent overview, see the bibliographical essay in Paul
Preston's book, listed above.

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