[Marxism] Cheney Threatens US Nuclear Attack on North Korea

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Sun Apr 18 23:09:57 MDT 2004

North Korea's Kim in Beijing on Secretive Trip
By John Ruwitch

BEIJING (Reuters) - Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-il arrived in 
Beijing on Monday to discuss his nuclear programs days after the United 
States urged China for a fresh push to end the crisis, South Korean media 

A convoy of unmarked cars, including a black Mercedes stretch limousine, 
pulled out of Beijing's main train station and onto the wide Chang'an Avenue 
heading west toward the state guest house where Kim has stayed on previous 

Police had earlier closed the city's congested main road that cuts through 
the heart of the capital and runs along the north side of Tiananmen Square.

A railway official said the station, guarded by military police, was closed 
for the arrival of a special visitor, but declined to give their identity.

At the walled Diaoyutai State Guest House compound, an official said Kim was 
due in on Monday. "He should be arriving today," said the man who declined 
to be identified.

South Korea's YTN cable television news reported that Kim had arrived. His 
special train crossed into China late on Sunday amid heavy secrecy and 
traveled overnight to Beijing. Kim would hold talks with Chinese leaders 
later on Monday, YTN said.

Kim would meet Chinese President and Communist Party chief Hu Jintao, and 
possibly other leaders, during a four-day visit, South Korea's Yonhap news 
and state broadcaster KBS said.

The rare trip comes just days after Vice President Dick Cheney  met Chinese 
leaders and warned that time was running out to resolve the crisis over 
Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions that has gripped North Asia since late 2002.

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