[Marxism] Attacks on Civil Liberties in Georgia (USA)

Derek Seidman derekseidman at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 10:48:03 MDT 2004

I hope this is not a sign of more of what's to come.
Obviously the civil liberties situtation for activists
in the US is heaven compared to most other countries,
but this does not bode well. Sorry to our friends
organizing in Georgia (Adam, Jose).

Georgia Passes Laws Limiting Protests 
Sun Apr 18, 1:34 PM ET   

By RUSS BYNUM, Associated Press Writer 

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Robert Randall never knew free speech
could cost so much — in dollars and in compromises —
until he tried to organize a large-scale, peaceful
demonstration for this summer's G-8 summit.
The coastal city of Brunswick, where Randall hopes to
gather up to 10,000 people to protest the world
leaders' summit, passed a law last month that places
conditions on public demonstrations. 

Organizers of protests like Randall's "G-8 Carnival"
must put up refundable deposits equal to the city's
estimated cost for clean up and police protection.
Demonstrations may only last 2 hours, 30 minutes.
Signs and banners may not be carried on sticks that
might be brandished as weapons. And the signs may not
be larger than 2-by-3 feet. 

"This law would not exist if the G-8 was not coming
here," said Randall, 51, a local therapist who has
attended demonstrations since the Vietnam War. "It
makes it impossible to express oneself through
assembly or speech on public property unless you have

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