[Marxism] re: Books on the Spanish Civil War

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 19 13:10:05 MDT 2004

At the risk of flogging a dead horse, I have already reiterated Javier's
request that did specify "minus Trotsky and Marrow's books". 

Nevertheless, Ed George, for whom I retain great respect for his
incisive analyses of the current situation in Spain, felt it necessary
to "
add as indispensable Felix Morrow's contemporary account Spain:
Revolution and Counterrevolution (London, 1976).  Morrow was of course a
leader of the US SWP . . . "

Consequently, please let me add that there have been different
perspectives on the War in Spain that may be accessed though the works
of American veterans of that war, writers who may be primarily
characterized by some as associated with the CP, and faulted therefore
by that association, writers such as Alvah Bessie, Lawrence Cane, Harry
Fisher, Carl Geiser, Steve Nelson, Hank Rubin, George Watt, and Milton

Noting the preponderance of military histories of that war, predictable
as that may be, a list of books that deal with the war from a more
social historical perspective might begin with:

African Americans in the Spanish Civil War: "This Ain't Ethiopia, But
It'll Do", edited by Danny Duncan Collum and Victor A. Berch.

Honoring Sergeant Carter: Redeeming a Black World War II Hero's Legacy,
by Allene G. Carter & Robert L. Allen.

Defying Male Civilization: Women in the Spanish Civil War, by Mary Nash.

Memories of Resistance, by Shirley Mangini.

British Women & The Spanish Civil War, by Angela Jackson.

---and because this list is so loaded with American perspectives, I
should include:

The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion: The Canadian Contingent in the Spanish
Civil War, by Victor Howard & J.M. Reynolds.

---but as I noted, this would only be an offering as a start into the
field, which is quite broad, deep, and ranges into many points of view,
not the least of which is the Trotskyist and Post-Trotskyist outlook
amply supplied by other contributors on this list so far in response to
Javier's request . . .

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