[Marxism] War, Profit and the State

Ren modernity22 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 14:12:59 MDT 2004

Can the process of outsourcing the occupation be truly
called privatization, if their work is being funded by

It seems that the state is merely expanding its
intrument of domination through private companies.


"With every week of insurgency in a war zone with no
front, these companies are becoming more deeply
enmeshed in combat, in some cases all but obliterating
distinctions between professional troops and private
commandos. Company executives see a clear boundary
between their defensive roles as protectors and the
offensive operations of the military. But more and
more, they give the appearance of private, for-profit
militias — by several estimates, a force of roughly
20,000 on top of an American military presence of

"I refer to them as our silent partner in this
struggle," Senator John W. Warner, the Virginia
Republican and Armed Services Committee chairman, said
in an interview.

The price of this partnership is soaring. By some
recent government estimates, security costs could
claim up to 25 percent of the $18 billion budgeted for
reconstruction, a huge and mostly unanticipated
expense that could delay or force the cancellation of
billions of dollars worth of projects to rebuild
schools, water treatment plants, electric lines and
oil refineries."

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