[Marxism] Re: Gay emancipation a challenge to bourgeois hegemony??

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Apr 20 00:36:36 MDT 2004


I sort of agree with you that "gay emancipation is anathema not to
capitalists but to conservatives". The only trouble is that the
conservatives are in power and the liberals of course won't fight them.

We had a very interesting discussion of just this question in my Socialist
Alternative branch meeting. With much reference to Queer as Folk and Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy, we tried to sort out what capitalism could
tolerate and even celebrate -- without coming to very definite conclusions
except that right now oppression is still there and can still be quite
brutal, and is likely to continue in one form or another -- even if only in
the sense that gays become exploited consumer gimmicks just like straights.
But at the same time acknowledging that Dick Cheney can accept a lesbian
daughter and there are lesbian/Gay relations all over the nick on The Bill.

One very interesting thing about the discussion, introduced by a young
lesbian, is that there was hardly any mention of HIV until I brought it up.
Ten years ago HIV would have been an important part of any such discussion.
The world has moved on.

I remember when HIV and AIDs arrrived, we thought it would be the beginning
of a terrible homophobic backlash. And as I understand it, something of the
sort did happen in America. But not in Australia. This alerted some of us
to the fact that understanding homosexuality's place in the system required
more than repeating cliches previously applied to sexism and racism. 


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