[Marxism] RE: Canadian expellees

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Apr 20 03:54:54 MDT 2004

Ernie Tate wrote:
>Some participants on this list may have seen, in recent 
months, John Riddel's letters to the Militant calling into question the 
paper's line on the struggle for national liberation in Iraq.  I have 
just learned that he, along with Roger Annis and a few others, have been

kicked out of the Communist League's supporters' group here, in a very 
arbitrary fashion for defending the right to self-determination in Iraq 
and for raising, in the Communist Leagues meeting for supporters, 
objections to the group's line that the March 20th anti-war 
demonstration in Toronto was primarily "nationalist" and reactionary. 
Roger Annis is a long time  leader, living on the West Coast.

>John was for many years the central leader of the Fourth 
International group here, beginning in the late fifties, if my memory 
serves me right. He is an important intellectual in his own right and he

has made a worthy contribution to revolutionary socialism through his 
work on the early Communist International.


I assume they are having this kind of problem all over.  People of
Riddell's generation in particular must find their current abstentionism
absolutely bizarre and rather reeking of the approach that Gerry Healy
took to the anti-Vietnam War movement.

Philip Ferguson

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