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Tue Apr 20 04:13:21 MDT 2004

> One comrade wrote Fidel and the government of Cuba was like George
Bush and
Mugabe because he does not allow Gay groups. This assertion is political

Melvin, I always enjoy reading your posts - despite what I have to say
is a problem (probably my own) in terms of your syntax and writing

In any case, I think I'm starting to understand what you're writing in a
much fuller way - as such I must thank you for continuing to post to
this list at times when no-one else seems to even listen to what you're
actually saying.

The one problem I have is that you are bunching people like Pres. Mugabe
of Zimbabwe with people like Pres. Bush of the USA. I am not a big fan
of Mugabe - he seems opportunist and a very brutal man. However, I think
it's not really a time to jump the bandwagon either (a) demonising the
man in conjunction with imperialists or (b) over-simplifying the
situation in Zimbabwe to a bourgeois 'great leader' conception of their

You have warned (correctly) against the absolute 'achilles heel' of
trotskyism - which seems to me to be the near universal tendency to sit
in judgement without really understanding what's going on. It stems from
their inability to actually reside in (or to come out of) an authentic
mass movement. So why do you drop the revolutionaries in Zimbabwe who
are fighting white imperialist land-grabbers in a public forum.

Anyhow, many thanks for your posts - I do enjoy them.

Is mise le meas,
Domhnall O Cobhthaigh.

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