[Marxism] Brit Govt to slash Sinn Fein Income

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Tue Apr 20 06:58:13 MDT 2004

      The political head of steam in the British-occupied Six Counties
has been building up quite strongly over the last few weeks. I noted
that the leadership of both SF and the IRA had released quite strong
statements recently but over Easter Gerry Adams had been more positive.
Now we have the British Minister threatening to cut MLA's wages (which
in Sinn Fein's case go to the party first before being shared out
equally among full-time activists). The basis for this is a report by
the IMC (established in contravention of the Good Friday Agreement) it's
a four man team composed of the former head of the Alliance party
(bourgeois Unionist liberal), a rep of MI6, an EU diplomat from the 26
Counties and a former head of the CIA. This group has produced a report
saying that the IRA are involved in a variety of activities contravening
their cessation announcements of 1994 and 1997.

      This step is quite serious. I think it indicates that the British
have determined that the current phase of the Peace Process will not
continue unless the IRA surrenders. They have the complicit support of
the Irish Govt in this - as they are scared of Sinn Fein making
substantial gains in the upcoming local elections.

      I for one am pretty sure that Republicans are in the business of
surrendering to British imperialists so this process of attacking the
party leading the Irish revolution will continue. Someone said to me
that the Brits are obviously scared of our growing strength, I replied
that it's more likely that they aren't scared enough.

      I'll try and keep people posted (if you're interested in this sort
of thing).

      Is mise

      From the bbc.co.uk website...

      Parties 'must pay' for violence

      Sanctions are to be imposed on parties linked to paramilitary
groups still involved in violence and other criminal activities in
Northern Ireland.
      The move was announced by Secretary of State Paul Murphy after the
publication of a report which highlighted the levels of paramilitary
activity by both republican and loyalist groups.

      The latest crisis in the political process was triggered by the
alleged abduction of dissident republican Bobby Tohill in February.

      The Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) report, published on
Tuesday, recommended action against Sinn Fein and the Progressive
Unionist Party in response to continuing IRA and loyalist violence.

      Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr Murphy announced
that there is to be a cut in the funding which the parties receive from

      The IMC report's authors said that, "had the Assembly been
functioning, we would have recommended in respect of Sinn Fein and the
PUP, measures up to and possibly including exclusion from office".

      They added: "We have recommended that the secretary of state
should consider taking action in respect of the salary of Assembly
members and/or the funding of Assembly parties so as to impose an
appropriate financial measure in respect of Sinn Fein and the PUP."

      Tuesday's IMC report comes as intensive political talks, planned
for London next week, involving all the Northern Ireland parties and the
British and Irish Prime Ministers were postponed.

      On the Tohill incident, the IMC reports that the material it has
studied indicates that this was an operation "planned and undertaken by
the Provisional IRA".

      The IRA leadership has claimed it did not authorise any action
against Mr Tohill.

      The report lists about a dozen paramilitary murders since the
beginning of last year - the bulk of which are attributed to loyalist
paramilitaries - five of them to the UDA alone.

      These killings include the sectarian murder of James McMahon in
Lisburn last November.

      The PUP is aligned with the outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force, which
has been blamed for recent racist attacks in Belfast and the murder of
John Allen in Ballyclare, County Antrim, in November last year.

      Graphs are used in the report to illustrate trends in beatings and
shootings - with one source suggesting that it is possible to see how
this activity can be turned on and off by the paramilitaries.

      It contains information on the loyalist UDA's involvement in

      The commission, which began operation in January, was originally
due to report on loyalist and republican paramilitary activity every six

      This timetable was dramatically altered in February following an
incident involving Mr Tohill, which Chief Constable Hugh Orde
immediately blamed on the IRA.

      The four-man commission is a crucial element in the two
governments' plans for restoring devolution, which was suspended in
October 2002 amid allegations of IRA intelligence gathering at Stormont.

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