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> would have not been a bad idea for the antiwar movement getting involved 
> with the GE strike. However, it is not clear if the official trade union 
> leadership would have been interested in that. To my memory, the only 
> electrical union that reached out to the antiwar movement was the UE

Thanks to successful red-baiting, even UE's old CP-sympathetic tradition was 
largely confined to the national level by the 60s, with little support for the 
left among rank-and-file in locals beyond wage-and-benefit "narrow 
trade-union economism". And the UE leadership dismissed incipient new-left organizing 
inside GE in late 60s-early 70s as an attempted usurpation by "ultra-leftists" 
on vacation. At the huge GE plant in Erie, Pa., we found little support for 
modest anti-war positions, more openly anti-imperialist arguments or socialism 
even when advanced by those of us in SDS who had working-class family ties in 
the local. Instead, when we tried to get jobs there, some of us were (correctly) 
immediately fingered as reds and blacklisted. I would be interested in 
hearing what others' experienced at other plants.

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