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Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 20 14:19:49 MDT 2004

I've written before about this, but with the discussion heating up over the 
elections, Kerry's position on Iraq and Palestine, immediate withdrawal vs. 
"UN in" vs. increase US troop strength in Iraq, 9-11 commission, books by 
Clarke, Suskind, and Woodward, etc., now's a good time for a reminder about 
blogs. There are a number of "center-left" blogs where these kinds of 
discussions are going on every day, and where Marxmail contributors could 
make a difference, talking to politically interested people who are actually 
open to discussion on these kinds of issues.

And I'm not talking about small numbers of people.  While we spend time on 
Marxmail  discussing articles in papers like the Militant which has a 
circulation of a couple thousand (? or is it less?) a week, the two largest 
center-left blogs, Daily KOS and Atrios, get 120,000 and 92,000 visitors 
DAILY. So you can talk to your co-workers (and you should) and try to 
educate the same handful of people week after week. You can hold a forum 
(and you should) and reach a few hundred people. You can hold a 
demonstration (and you should) and reach a few thousand, or tens of 
thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands (depending on what city you live 
in) of people, once every few months. Or (or let's make that "and") you can 
go read blogs like these, stick your $0.02 in the comment section, and help 
shape the discussion and thoughts of tens of thousands of people every day.

The reason I make this plea is because, while I'm busy doing this, there is 
virtually no one else occupying the same "political space" as I (and other 
Marxmail subscribers) doing this. A few, but not many. As a point of 
reference, I think I could count the number of people willing to defend (or 
even not attack) Ralph Nader on the fingers of one hand. Other issues the 
same. And, to repeat, these people are politically interested, and many of 
them, maybe most, are very much open to discussion and persuasion. But it 
takes more than just me to do the persuading. So please, join me!

Here's some blogs I check periodically. Of course aside from engaging in 
discussions, there is also good information to be found here:

Daily KOS: http://www.dailykos.com/
Atrios: http://atrios.blogspot.com/
Whiskey Bar (Billmon): http://www.billmon.org/
Counterspin Central: http://counterspin.blogspot.com/
TalkLeft: http://www.talkleft.com/
Body and Soul: http://bodyandsoul.typepad.com/
Oliver Willis: http://www.oliverwillis.com/

There are certainly other interesting blogs, some even more interesting than 
the ones above. But not all allow comments, and these are the top ones I 
know of as far as actual discussion amongst the readers.

I should also plug my own blog:

Left I on the News: http://lefti.blogspot.com

which does allow comments, and occasionally gets a good discussion going in 
the comment section, but not nearly as often as the blogs above. Of course I 
welcome Marxmail readers, but if you want to participate in this "project," 
then the ones listed above are the ones that fit the bill.

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