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DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Tue Apr 20 20:46:00 MDT 2004

Why don't you go down to the Newcastle Resistance Centre and ask if they 
can get in a copy of the dossier put out by Melbourne community radio 
3CR in response to the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League (hope I got 
the name right) calling 3CR antisemitic for allowing a radio program to 
raise this very story. When the producers of the program (and the 
station) refused to retract, but published the dossier to set out the 
historical facts, I understand the ADL dropped the issue. I recall that 
Resistance bookshops did stock it in recent years. Otherwise, if a 
google search fails to locate the relevant facts, perhaps I'll post some 
I'll do the above at first opportuinity.
Putting aside the similarities between the actions and outlook of both zionism and nazism.
What i have read so far. Evidence of Zionist-Nazi collaboration is Scant.
Most of what I have read comes from compromised sources (Stalinist or Arab nationalist and Heallyite). Compromised because of STalinist collaboration with the Nazis from the Red Referendum of 1932 to the end of the Russian-German pact of 1939. As well as various arab nationalists giving assylum to Nazis for many years. Not to mention Heally's paranoid bollocks about the world Jewish conspiracy.
The only concrete evidence has been the limited dealings with the Hungarian fascist state. Which didn't result in anything as such.
On Nazi views on Zionism. The Nazis blamed everything from economic crises to communism to the esperantist movement as a Zionist conspiracy. A lot of evidence points to the Nazis wanting to repatriate all jewish people in Europe to Madagascar.
But it all comes down to the left since 1970. Before then, left-zionism was just an acceptable social-democratic current. Since then, all forms of zionism have been presented as a gigantic conspiracy, the very cornerstone of political anti-semitism.

David Murray

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