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What i have read so far. Evidence of Zionist-Nazi collaboration is Scant.
Most of what I have read comes from compromised sources (Stalinist or Arab 
nationalist and Heallyite). Compromised because of STalinist collaboration with 
the Nazis from the Red Referendum of 1932 to the end of the Russian-German 
pact of 1939. As well as various arab nationalists giving assylum to Nazis for 
many years. Not to mention Heally's paranoid bollocks about the world Jewish 
It falls into the realm of Holocaust revisionism to say that Zionists-whether 
left, right or center-would collaborate with Nazis. 

The underlying agenda of those who make this claim is denomization of all 
Israelis and all Jews.  

who may soon be unsubbed for posting "too much" about the Middle East; as if 
no one here has focused a lot on Iraq.

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