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Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Tue Apr 20 22:40:02 MDT 2004


> Putting aside the similarities between the actions and outlook of both zionism and nazism.
> What i have read so far. Evidence of Zionist-Nazi collaboration is Scant.
> Most of what I have read comes from compromised sources (Stalinist or Arab nationalist and Heallyite). Compromised because of STalinist collaboration with the Nazis from the Red Referendum of 1932 to the end of the Russian-German pact of 1939. As well as various arab nationalists giving assylum to Nazis for many years. Not to mention Heally's paranoid bollocks about the world Jewish conspiracy.
> The only concrete evidence has been the limited dealings with the Hungarian fascist state. Which didn't result in anything as such.

There is quite a lot of evidence on the relationship between the 
revisionist Zionists around Jabotinsky (ideological ancestors of Sharon) 
and fascists of all varieties. In addition there were various 
collaborations between mainstream zionists and the nazis on transfer of 
Jews and resources to Palestine.

These links are documented in detqail in Lenni Brenner's book "Zionism 
in teh Age of teh Dictators" which is available on-line at my site, REDS 
- Die Roten (http://www.marxists.de/middleast/brenner/index.htm.

Se also his "Iron Wall", on the Zionist revisionsist, at 

Einde O'Callaghan

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