[Marxism] Re: anti-semitism and Israel

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Wed Apr 21 02:42:48 MDT 2004

A final note on this topic. I will look out for the aforementioned radio 
3CR dossier (I don't personally have a copy) and see if there's anything 
particularly eyebrow-raising or otherwise noteworthy to post to the 
list. Otherwise I think other comrades here have posted a few web links 
to follow up.

Obviously most contemporary Zionists find the idea of Nazi-Zionist 
collaboration repugnant, which it is (was), but that doesn't mean it 
never happened.

The fact that it is swept under the carpet by most of contemporary 
Zionism is perhaps a function of the way Zionism relies so heavily on 
the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis to bolster it's claims to 
Israel (the notion that Jews must have their own state because others 
are inherently racist towards Jews).

As to "left" Zionists -- Australia has a great history of "leftists" in 
the labour movement like William Lane, Henry Lawson, and Arthur Calwell 
whose racism was appalling, despite (at least in Lane's case) their 
adherence to some sort of socialism and class struggle. I think Jack 
London may have had, or developed a similar labour chauvinism in the US.

Ben C

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