[Marxism] Zimbabwe to host anti-colonial freedom fighters to argue for land reform

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Wed Apr 21 07:02:29 MDT 2004

>From the bbc...

Zimbabwe is hosting a meeting of former African guerrilla leaders and
freedom fighters to argue for land reform.
An official from the ruling Zanu-PF party - itself once a guerrilla
force - said the meeting would focus on Zimbabwe's moves to redistribute

Talks would also seek ways of boosting the anti-colonial struggle, he

President Robert Mugabe's policy of violently taking the farms of
minority whites and handing them to landless blacks has sparked global

Several western nations have severed ties with President Mugabe's
government, blaming his policies for Zimbabwe's economic crisis and food

But in a recent speech marking the 24th anniversary of Zimbabwe's
independence from foreign rule, Mr Mugabe said the country's
difficulties stemmed from a Western plot to re-colonise it.


Invitations to the meeting have been sent to the representatives of
former freedom movements in Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and
South Africa.


Other issues on the agenda are said to include the status of black
minorities in western countries and methods of reviving the struggle
against colonialism.

Mr Mugabe recently lambasted fellow African leaders for betraying the
anti-colonial struggle by "listening to the enemy".

Thousands of white farmers left Zimbabwe after President Mugabe
authorised peasant supporters of his Zanu-PF party to take over their
farms in February 2000.

Fearing for their assets, foreign businesses and investors fled
Zimbabwe, while agricultural output in the farms that had changed hands
dropped drastically.

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