[Marxism] FW: Zionism and Anti-Semitism

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Wed Apr 21 11:23:27 MDT 2004

In June of 1895, the first entry into his new journal on Zionism,
Theodor Hertzl wrote:

"In Paris, as I have said, I achieved a freer attitude toward
anti-Semitism, which I now began to understand historically and to
pardon. Above all, I recognized the emptiness and futility of trying to
'combat' anti-Semitism."

This is but one of the gems in a book entitled "Zionism In The Age of
Dictators: A Reappraisal" by Lenni Brenner, Lawrence Hill and Company,

>From the cover: 

"Much has been written about the Second World War, the age of the
dictators, and the Holocaust, but this is the first book to relate the
history of Zionism to these events and to show the interaction between
Herzl's movement and the rise of Fascism and Naziism in Europe.

In ZIONISM IN THE AGE OF THE DICTATORS Lenni Brenner searches through
the Zionist record--and finds evidence that it sought the patronage and
benevolence of avowed anti-Semites and, ultimately, the collaboration of
the Fascists and Nazis. In a carefully researched and closely reasoned
work, Brenner shows how from the beginning Zionism's leaders were
prepared to go to almost any length to achieve the goal of a separate
Jewish homeland.

Dealing with this issue brings with it difficult problems, one of the
most traumatic being the emotions evoked by the Holocaust. Zionism,
however, is an ideology. It is not now, nor has it ever [been],
coextensive with either Judaism or the Jewish people, and, the author
argues, its chronicles must therefore be examined with the same critical
eye that readers should bring to the history of any political tendency.
Nevertheless, because of its fundamental challenge to Zionism's bona
fides, this thoroughly documented history is certain to be one of the
most controversial books of the year."

Note: This book is full of extensive documentation on the collaboration
of leading Zionists with nazis and other anti-Semites. Some of this
stuff I knew but some of it is new. Highly recommended reading.

Jim C.

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