[Marxism] Re: [Left Hook] CNN poll: Should the draft be reinstated?

Legba Carrefour legba at roargroup.org
Wed Apr 21 15:17:56 MDT 2004

Until they can figure out how to get mommies and daddies to agree to have 
the college exemption dropped i doubt it's going to happen.

The most feasible form a draft could take is mandatory "national service" 
which could be used to press people into certain labour arrangements.

the other problem is that draftees are pretty fucking useless. Either 
Cheney or Rumsfeld took heat for a comment some time ago when the draft 
question first started making the round that draftees didn't particularly 
help during the Vietnam war. Most military strategists are agreeing with 
them--it seems to be a trend of particularly nationalistic right-wingers to 
demand the institution of a draft.

A completely militarized nation is of more benefit ideologically than 
militarily at this point.

What I *DO* think is going to happen is much more aggressive recruitment at 
the high school level and perhaps a dropping of age requirements and 
graduation requirements.

At 05:00 PM 4/21/2004, Derek Seidman wrote:
>If you go to CNN.com right now, the poll question is
>asking if the draft should be reinstated. As of now
>the response is 73% no, 27% yes. The fact that it is
>even being asked should probably more cause for alarm
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