[Marxism] Matzpen texts

Johannes Schneider johannes.schneider at gmx.net
Thu Apr 22 02:12:39 MDT 2004

The Israeli socialist group "Matzpen" has published a few texts about 
"left" Zionism in the early seventies which are still worth reading today:

"Reply to Sol Stern MOSHÉ MACHOVER
Israel seems to do all sorts of strange things to many Jewish-American 
intellectuals.  Alex Portnoy is not the only one, but in the case of others 
it is their critical faculty that is unstiffened by the Holy Land.  And so 
it happens that nice compassionate Jewish radicals, who react quite 
normally to any other colonial situations, suddenly sink into sweet self- 
pity when Israel is concerned.  They simply refuse to believe that Jews can 
-- like anybody else -- play the role of baddies and aggressors; in their 
collective consciousness, tortured by the search for self-identity and 
haunted by memories of persecutions, ancient and recent, the role of 
baddies is reserved exclusively for the Goyim.

"Borochovist “Revival”
by Moshé Machover
Borochovist ideology is at present being exhumed by the Zionist propaganda 
machine. A whole network of Zionist emissaries and functionaries are busy 
printing Baire Borochov’s works in several European languages, writing 
their own exegesis on these works and diligently spreading the rehashed 
gospel among young Jews throughout West Europe and the Americas.
The recent attempts to exhume Borochovism and revive interest in it
therefore raise a double question: where does the new audience of
Borochovism come from?
And why are Zionist emissaries and functionaries so eager to "sell" to
this new clientele an ideology that has long ago ceased to exist
inside the Zionist movement itself? [...]"

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