[Marxism] Iraqi forces 'turn on coalition'

Johannes Schneider johannes.schneider at gmx.net
Thu Apr 22 02:50:34 MDT 2004

>From the BBC:

Thursday, 22 April, 2004, 05:48 GMT 06:48 UK  Iraqi forces 'turn on 
The new coalition-trained Iraqi police force is being infiltrated by 
insurgents, US army general has said. Maj Gen Martin Dempsey said about 10% 
of new officers were rebels and a further 40% have left their jobs - but 
the rest "stood tall and stood firm". [...]
"About 50% of the security forces that we built over the past year stood 
tall and stood firm," he told the annual meeting of the Associated Press 
news agency. "About 40% of them walked off the job because they were 
intimidated and about 10% actually worked against us." [...]
Gen Dempsey also said these recruits had found it hard to accept that 
Iraqis were fighting each other. "It's very difficult at times to convince 
them that Iraqis are killing fellow Iraqis and fellow Muslims, because it's 
something they shouldn't have to accept," he said. "Over time I think they 
will probably have to accept it."


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