[Marxism] Los Tigres del Norte- New Album Demands Justice and End to Murders of Women

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Thu Apr 22 01:24:01 MDT 2004

Los Tigres del Norte is the most respected group of Mexican musicians 
around.   Not just because of the long standing high quality of their music, 
but also because they have increasingly spoken out against injustice.    
Their music is highly recommended.

Bolder than Ever Los Tigres del Norte Continue Tackling Present Day 
International Issues on New Album “Pacto de Sangre” (Blood Pact) Out Now!

Woodland Hills, CA -- Fonovisa recording Norteño music icons Los Tigres del 
Norte, record one of the boldest albums ever, titled “Pacto de Sangre” 
(Blood Pact) tackling head on present day social-political issues affecting 
the world. Only a group such as Los Tigres del has the credibility to 
address issues of this matter.

As the title of the album suggests, Los Tigres del Norte re-affirm their 
‘pact’ or commitment to the people who have followed their career and 
supported their music. The group’s multi-generation appeal has been passed 
down from one generation to the next; this has been instrumental in enduring 
three decades of recording albums and non-stop touring.

The album “Pacto de Sangre” presents a mix of their classic corridos, 
Norteño, cumbias and love odes.  The album reveals the different stories 
that Los Tigres Norte have heard from their fans as they have traveled 
throughout the United States, Mexico and the world.  These are stories that 
have been shared by people who have lived and overcome many challenges in 
their efforts to improve their families' economic, social, and emotional 

The first single "Jose Perez Leon" that climbing to the top tier position on 
Billboard’s ‘Top Regional Mexican Airplay’ chart is a corrido in style with 
a ballad arrangement that has never been heard before by radio and their 
fans. “Jose Perez Leon,” tells the tale of a Mexican farmer who leaves his 
country and loses his life while crossing the border, once again a story 
that is very often heard of.

In a call out for awareness, Los Tigres del Norte also address the already 
internationally recognized issue on the corrido “Las Muertas de Juarez.” 
This corrido is a bold call for justice on the crime wave of kidnappings and 
murders of more than 300 women in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico across the border 
from El Paso, Texas.

Lastly, the song “Los Niños de La Calle” reveals the plight of many children 
who are homeless and who resort to the streets for survival.

Other songs on the album continue to tell the tales of countries that are 
condemned to see its people flee in search of a better life and who at the 
same time dance and sing their woes away. Overall the songs are universal 
with more than a hint of melancholy. Sorrow and loss underscores each story, 
just as they color reality. However, this balanced production also speaks to 
the traditional corrido anecdotes and fun loving songs like “La Manzanita” 
and “Cumbia Guajira.”

Included for the first time as a special gift for the fans the album 
includes a DVD with two, never seen before videos of Los Tigres del Norte; 
“Jose Perez Leon” and “No Tiene La Culpa El Indio.”

The album“Pacto de Sangre” is a combination of strong social commentary and 
artistic display, while the artwork depicts a conceptual pictorial 
testimonial of Mexico as a country, a border with a prevailing commitment 
that exists between those who remained in their country and those who have 
fled to the United States in search of a better life. Both Mexicans remain 
in a ‘blood pact’ in a bicultural union that bonds all Latin America.

Overall Los Tigres del Norte’s musical career can be summed up in three 
phrases: ‘el pueblo’s modern day story tellers’, ‘spanning generations,’ and 
‘worldwide success.’ For more than three decades the group has taken the 
polka rooted Norteño sound and mixed it with true tales of social injustices 
and current events told by them as modern day storytellers.  A career span 
of more than 33 years, millions of records sold, extensive concert tours 
throughout the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Spain and Asia have 
made Los Tigres del Norte a worldwide success earning them well deserved 
title of ‘Los Jefes de Jefes.’

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