[Marxism] From Lenin to Earth Day

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Apr 22 07:01:30 MDT 2004

So, Rachel, do you really think that the launching of Earth Day 1970
protected the capitalist system from the ghost of Lenin by pointing out
that capitalism was poisoning the planet?  True, the traditional Left
was not directly involved in starting Earth Day, but I have no real way
of testing your assertion about the motives of some of those who
initiated it--and it doesn't matter.  

At the time, most radicals had the good sense to see it as good
sign...not a diversion from the movement against the Vietnam War but a
broadening of that dissent into new channels.  Even the ideologically
constipated SWP issued a rather nice election button with a factory
belching out smoke and a caption "Capitalism fouls things up."  If
memory serves, the few exceptions on the Left at the time were groups
like the LaRouche cult, which was heavily riddled with police agents and
ended up defending the wonders of nuclear power.

If anyone really can't see the political value of environmentalism with
the benefit of hindsight, it's because the pollution between their ears
is probably more serious than a bad day on a Chicago beach.

Mark L.

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