[Marxism] RE: anti-semitism and Israel

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Thu Apr 22 07:44:08 MDT 2004

Does Xxxxxx not read any of the posts on the subject she instigated? There 
is tons of evidence to suggest Zionist collaboration with the nazis before 
they came to power. It really isn't the major issue. The point is that 
Zionism is a racist supremacist ideology intended to justify a thoroughly 
brutal and undemocratic colonial project responsible for over 50 years of 
intense suffering and depradation. The Israeli govt., labour and likud, are 
historically consistently rejectionist. They deny the human rights of 
Palestinians. They deny their rights under international law. They steal 
their land. They murder their leaders. They demolish houses. They herd 
people into refugee camps. They bomb the refugee camps. They steal food. 
They siphon off Palestinian water. They profit from using Palestinians as 
cheap labour. They construct 'jew-only' roads. They live in luxury on top of 
hills whilst the population below starve and are policed into submission. 
They kill, since 2000, ten times more arab Israelis than arabs have killed 
Jews. All of this is elementary and well documented. They make impossible 
demands on Palestinians before they will even consider 'negotiating' with 
them. For Xxxxxx to talk about suicide bombers (with the emphasis on 
'suicide', meaning the actor would rather die him/herself than live any more 
under such circumstances), as the cause of Sharon's policies is a disgrace. 
I thought this was a list for people interested in marxism? Perhaps if 
Xxxxxx had spent most of her life under brutal occupation she might think 
twice before defending 'left zionism'.
PS The subject heading, as has been pointed out tons of times, is 
misleading- Palestinians are semites and the Israeli govt. thus easily 
qualifies as 'anti-semitic'.

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>There is quite a lot of evidence on the relationship between the
>revisionist Zionists around Jabotinsky (ideological ancestors of Sharon)
>and fascists of all varieties. In addition there were various
>collaborations between mainstream zionists and the nazis on transfer of
>Jews and resources to Palestine.
>Not all Zionists were followers of Jabotinsky.  What do you mean by "all
>varieties" and where does your "evidence" come from?
>Desparate negotiations with Nazis to save as many Jewish lives as possible
>does not constitute collaboration with their goals or agreement with their
>"philosophy,"  and to imply otherwise is anti-Semitic.
>By your line of reasoning, Europeans who organized the Kindertransports to
>get as many Jewish children out of Germany as possible in the early stages 
>the Nazi regime were collaborating with the Nazis.
>By your line of reasoning, my father in law, (may his memory be for a
>blessing!) collaborated with Nazis because he gave them every last penny he 
>had to
>get one of the few tickets available onto a ship to Shanghai after 
>hit Vienna.  I guess you could call that ticket a scarce "resource."

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