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>At the time, most radicals had the good sense to see it as good
sign...not a diversion from the movement against the Vietnam War but a
broadening of that dissent into new channels.  Even the ideologically
constipated SWP issued a rather nice election button with a factory
belching out smoke and a caption "Capitalism fouls things up."  If
memory serves, the few exceptions on the Left at the time were groups
like the LaRouche cult, which was heavily riddled with police agents and
ended up defending the wonders of nuclear power.<


Damn, I forget about this stuff . . . but then again you are the resident 
historical memory. The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) were flat out 
fascists. LaRouche called himself Lynn Marcus back then - Lenin/Marx. 

I believe it was 1970 or maybe 1971 when they attempted to recruit us. They 
send their resident black theoretician . . . a guy named Zeke Boyd . . . if 
memory serves me correct. This guy looked like he was on medication or dope and 
carried a copy of Marx "Poverty of Philosophy" in his back pocket. I think he 
was smart and we met with him a couple of times. 

He talked about what would become the NCLC "Mop Up Campaign." The "Mop Up 
Campaign" meant physically attacking members of the CPUSA.  Our political "beef" 
- disagreement, with the CPUSA was basically their passivity. Factory life and 
a factory town like Detroit basically meant you cannot take to serious a 
disagreement with the guy you work next to on the assembly line, just because he 
understood the same book different. After a year or two no one remembers what 
the hell we were arguing about. 

Mr. Boyd explained why they were attacking the CPUSA and asked "what is your 
political position." He was asked to leave the office because we felt he was 

He returned about a month later, after their group attacked members of the 
CPUSA during a demonstration. We stated there was really nothing to talk about 
because their group acted like cops and fascists. 

He insisted on coming in and talking. He asked if we had really read the 
"Poverty of Philosophy." 

"Look brother what we read is none of your business. That shit about jumping 
on people is going to get you in trouble. Y'all acting like the police and the 
Hitler squad."

Boyd basically stated, "look, we like you guys and the black workers are 
important. You have to take sides in this dispute or get 'Mopped Up." 

I do not remember the exact flow of events, but at that point Comrade ***** 
said, "We are not very polite and accustomed to inviting people outside for a 
slug fist.  Some people think we are rude. The only way I can make you 
understand our meaning is like this." \

Then Comrade ********** slapped the shit out of Zeke. 

Zeke fell to the floor and I did not know what to do so I started kicking 
this mutherfucker in his back and stomach with my size 12 foot, while trying to 
avoid his head. I figured he was already suffering from traumatic head injury 
to come into our office threatening to "beat us down" because we did not have 
the "right" position on the CPUSA. 

What I remember next is getting him a wash clothe to clean his face. I was 
the youngest so I had to do all the grunt work - elementary task. (Pardon my 
lengthy explanation but comrades from other countries have written me and stated 
they were confused on my use of the English language. The King's English is a 
serious problem for me and everyone else because it is a language of economic 

Comrade ****** handed him the telephone and demanded that he called someone 
to arrange a meeting with their "National Committee" to resolve the "Mop Up" 
issue and we were not going to debate Marx "Poverty of Philosophy." 

Two months later this same Zeke Boyd shows up at the office with an official 
statement. We look at each other and figure this guy has to be on dope. He 
states that the "National Committee" rejects our request for a meeting and that 
we are black nationalist but on the right side of the political curve. 

We figured that we kicked your ass and that they did not want to fight anyone 
that fought back. Zeke never came back after informing us that we would not 
be attacked. 

Now, the NCLC were a group back then advocating a problem to sale tractors to 
the Third World as the path of development. As I understand events the NCLC 
evolved from the split in the SDS - Students for a Democratic Society. 

Then there was the time when some members of PL - Progressive Labor, attacked 
our comrades in Chicago. In Detroit we went ballistic and everyone signed up 
for early vacations at their respective plants. The Chairman wrote a long 
article about this insanity and called for a halt. In Detroit we understood events 
different because our party was female and mutherfuckers were attacking the 
women and too "punk" to fight men. 

Then there were a couple of assassinations of our members. The events in the 
Steel Workers Union and in the United Mine Workers Union were at a feverish 
pitch. Max Elbaum's "Revolution in the Air" talks about our "secrecy."

Get this book.

Well, . . . you learn to do things in a way that protect your members from 
being fired and isolated. We were not the Panthers or the previous generation of 
communists walking around with motorcycle jackets on. The leather look. That 
Marlon Brando shit - look, will get you in trouble. 
Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (This is from the "Movie Street Car Named Desire." It is a role that an 
actor played that redefined acting in America. OK the title of the film is 
stupid and bourgeois). 

We looked like a guy or girl on their way to work, because we were on our way 
to work. 

To be exact Willie got assassinated coming from the steel workers convention 
and I forget the exact year. Then there was the brother who went to dump his 
cigarette ash and step in front of the bullet meant for Comrade General Baker 

Jesus I forgot that I remembered these things. 

Get "Revolution in the AIR" by Max Elbaum on Amazon. You do not have to 
agreed but the data and story is worth knowing. 

Yea we secret. 

I happen to be an open communist. 

Melvin P. 

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