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Thu Apr 22 09:09:08 MDT 2004

Milan Rai:


Asked whether they supported or opposed the presence of US/UK occupation 
forces ('Coalition Forces') in Iraq, 31.3% strongly opposed and 19.6% 
somewhat opposed their presence. 26.3% somewhat supported and 13.2% 
strongly supported their presence. That's 50.2% opposing the occupation 
against 39.5% support.

But, as we pointed out in JNV Briefing 50, there is a great deal of 
ambivalence in the Iraqi attitude to the US/UK forces. The vast majority 
of the Iraqi people do not want immediate withdrawal. Asked how long the 
occupation forces should stay, Iraqis gave these responses: 'leave now' 
(15.1%); 'a few months' (8.3%); 'six months to a year' (6.1%); 'more 
than one year' (4.3%). 18.3% said 'They should remain until security is 
restored'. The bulk of people, however, said, 'They should remain until 
an Iraqi government is in place' (35.8%). (Only 1.5% said, 'They should 
never leave', and 10.6% didn't know.)

full: http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=15&ItemID=5200


NY Times, April 22, 2004
Battle for Falluja Rouses the Anger of Iraqis Weary of the U.S. Occupation

The invasion of Falluja has shattered the remaining hope of many of 
those Iraqis who thought the Americans might be able to free the country 
from might-makes-right rule, which has shadowed this region from the 
days of the Ottoman Empire to British colonial rule to Mr. Hussein.

"My opinion of the Americans has changed," said Hassan al-Wakeel, 38, 
the owner of a men's designer clothing shop on Outer Karada. "When the 
Americans came, they talked about freedom and democracy. Now, the 
Americans are pushing their views by force. All of us feel that."

"First of all, we'd like Iraqis to take responsibility for security, for 
the government," he added, standing near piles of boxes of leather 
shoes. "We need to have a state. Then we need the reconstruction they 
promised us. We have a shortage of water and electricity, and it seems 
nothing is coming."


Waleed Yusef, 38, a Christian fish restaurant owner, said he feared a 
civil war if the Americans pulled out of Iraq. At the same time, he 
condemned their recent use of force.

"My opinion now is the same as that of the people of Falluja," he said. 
"They don't need the American people."

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/22/international/middleeast/22MOOD.html


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