[Marxism] From Lenin to Earth Day

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Apr 22 09:28:24 MDT 2004

The LaRouche group's "Operation Mop-up" to attack public meetings of
everybody on the Left was a dead giveaway to the organization's control
by secret policemen and even more sinister forces willing to bankroll
these insane characters into establishing a monopoly over the "labor
party" label in the US public mind...much like a domain name.

The response of the Left to this was one of the best moments of the
movement in those years.  Groups across the spectrum who didn't have the
time of the day for each other--and cordially detested each other's
politics--pulled together to protect the right of each to hold public
meetings.  If I recall rightly, the CPUSA and the SWP in places like NYC
and Chicago were defending each others' meetings.  For a movement as
inexperienced as we were, it was a bright and shining example worth
recalling and passing on to the younger radicals.

In Houston, we were then subject to attacks by a bizarre local chapter
of the Workers' World Party.  I don't know if Louis was there at the
time or not, but it was evidently some pre-existing local organization
that joined WWP around 1972-73 and made attacking the SWP the focus of
an insane level of bile.  I remember going to a demonstration where a
logical slogan might have focused on the police brutalization of working
class and minority neighborhoods, but the local WWP was trying to work
up a chant, "SWP, Out of the Community!"  I don't think they stayed in
the WWP long, but I never did hear the entire story, if it was ever

However, I suspect that the same KKK-influenced police department that
allowed the Klan attacks on the SWP in 1971-72 (and accused the party of
staging those attacks) found it very easy to manipulate a gaggle of
immature radical wannabees into focusing its energies on an attack
against the Left.

I suspect that was what the LaRouche organization represented (and
represents) nationally.


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