[Marxism] Iraqis refute Milan Rai (Brit TV poll)

Len Walsingham lha.walsingham at btopenworld.com
Thu Apr 22 11:34:06 MDT 2004

It is the habit of TV news programmes to do telephone polls to foster
phoney involvement and 'have your say' about news items. It's all
nonsense of course, but Wednesday night's question on Channel 5 was "Do
you think British troops should be withdrawn?"

The answer was 88% in favour of withdrawal. Almost 9 to 1. No comment or
explanation of this sharp divide between the opinion of the viewers and
the perspective of the news channel. It is not even considered by
British news media or the main political parties. 'Father of the House'
Tam Dalyell, MP is about the only one you hear calling for this.

There was/is a proposal to strengthen the wall around the Houses of
Parliament. Dalyell said that as the terrorism arose from the Prime
Minister's policies it would be better to change him than the railing.


> Milan Rai:
> Asked whether they supported or opposed the presence of US/UK 
> occupation 
> forces ('Coalition Forces') in Iraq, 31.3% strongly opposed and 19.6% 
> somewhat opposed their presence. 26.3% somewhat supported and 13.2% 
> strongly supported their presence. That's 50.2% opposing the 
> occupation 
> against 39.5% support.

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