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Thu Apr 22 11:51:11 MDT 2004

Join the Labor Art & Mural Project on MayDay & enjoy .  . .

Rebellion Cabaret Performance artist Penny Arcade makes a special
appearance in her hometown of New Britain, CT. Arcade has been called
"the antidote to denatured, sterile and homogenized performance."    On
MayDay she will join forces with Chris Rael, the mastermind of one of
New York's most enduring bands, Church of Betty, to bring you Rebellion
Cabaret, a hilarious and often edgy walk through the current landscape
of culture and politics.    The combined forces of Arcade and Rael make
a powerful impact.    Arcade's insightful and hysterically funny
monologues and one liners, delivered in her internationally famous rock
and roll style, combust with Rael's sophisticated, topical lyrics,
memorable arrangements, and quite simply, one of the best voices in
contemporary pop. The show is loaded with content about how we live and
think today.    Sexual and identity politics, hegemony and the media,
and the future of Western Civilization are de-boned and investigated.
This show tears away the veil from marketed rebellion, celebrity
culture, bourgeois bohemia, The Vagina Monologues, and the new
patriotism.    In short, this is political standup comedy with an
exciting sound score that will have you rocking in your seat.

Professor Louie
Professor Louie, the Brooklyn-based    "poet of the streets," will be on
hand to wickedly savage corporate culture and poignantly celebrate the
lives of ordinary working people.    As Louie rhymes, "It's corporate
power, hour after hour," but on MayDay the Professor will fill your head
with some mantras of survival and resistance.

Miguel A. Guzman
On tour from Puerto Rico, the esteemed artist and musician was the first
person ever to receive the "Palma Julia de Burgos" award from the
Associaation Pro-Puertoriccan Hispanic Culture in New York City.    He
will be    on hand with a multimedia performance celebrating Taino
heritage and the victories of the Vieques movement.

Lovewhip Then dance the rest of the night away with one of the    best
from the Boston music scene.

When: May 1, 8 p.m. 'til

Where: Assyrian Community Center, 39 South St., New Britain, CT

Why: Fundraiser for the Labor Art and Mural Project's ongoing efforts
to create murals in support of working class struggles around the
world. This event will specifically help to raise funds to organize
the political component of our upcoming antiwar mural project, A Vision
of Peace and Justice.

And: To commemorate the Haymarket martyrs and share solidarity greetings
from artists and activists around the world.

Admission: Adults $20, Students $10, Cash bar, free food


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